Cypress Hills Registered Horse Breeders Association

"Proud to be Canada's Longest Running Horse Production Sale"

42nd Annual Sale to be held September 15, 2018 ~ Always the 3rd Saturday in September

Preview 10:00AM ~ Sale 12:30PM ~ Complimentary Pancake Breakfast 8:30AM





Owned by Craig Reesor


2005 Sorrel Stallion

AQHA 4728332




Smart Little Lena


Smart Little Baggins    




Missy Bar Freckles

Caught Me Lookin





Docs San Badger


Rocksan Rolls




Miss Rock San






Doc O Dude


Lark N Dude




Lark San Lucy






Colonel Amable


Miss Winkable




Miss CJ Winken




Wink possesses the right mind, conformation and athleticism we are striving to produce in our program. He stands a solid 15.1hh with good withers, a big hip and short strong back. He continues to pass all these traits on year after year no matter what mare he is bred to. Hed is used for all aspects of ranch work in the off season, is a AQHA point and money earner in Ranch Horse Competitions, Ranch Horse Versatility and Cowboy Challenge events. His offspring are easy to ride, have lots of size, speed and cow. More info available at 


 NINETY NINE GOLDMINE AAA SI 90      1997 Brown Stallion


Owned by William & Donna  Beierbach


AQHA 4066598




Raise Your Glass T B


Special Effort   AAAT




Go Effortlessly   AA

Strawfly Special AAA





Pie In The Sky  AAAT


Fly In The Pie  AAA




Flying Rockette  AAA






Tiny’s Gay     AAAT


Merridoc AAAT




Sparkling Tip   AA

Birds Merry  AAA





Barred Bird    AAA


Birds Limit AAA




Limits Lady






"99" seems to prove time and again his prepotency as a sire. His offsping are classy, straight legged, sharp headed, and have excellent minds. They are racking up wins at every level of competition. We can't say enough about the trainability and the athlketicism these horses possess. We stand 99 to the public via onsite A. I. or shipped, cooled semsn and we are proud and honored to have booked some wonderful mares to him the past few years. We would like to say a huge Thank-you to the mare owners that chose him, and to the trainers who have put their time into a 99. We have 99 enrolled in all the major Barrel Incentives in Canada and a few in the US as well. You can read more about him and is winning offspring on our website, or come by the ranch to have a look!


 CLEATS CASH CALL   2004 Gray Stallion

Owned by Mona & Brad Howe



AQHA 4654424




Dash For Cash


First Down Dash




First Prize Rose

Dashing Cleat











Binky Royal






Easy Motion


Motion Picture




Windi Bid

Picture Princess





Deck O Harts


Deck O Copy




Miss Rood Copy




 Cleat is part of the family here at the ranch! He is a powerful 16hh with a stron hip, short back and good bone and foot under him. He passes along his size, speed and smooth moving athletic ability to his foals not to mention his friendly and willing disposition. We are just really putting his first few foal crops to work on the ranch and have not been disappointed. His 5 yr olds are turning out to be great using, ranch horses!


 LIL PEPTO PISTOL    2005 Gray Stallion


Owned by Brad & Mona Howe



AQHA 4792202




Peppy San Badger






Royal Blue Boon

Sweet Lil Pepto





Smart Lil Lena


Sweet Lil Lena










Doc Bar


Docs Hickory




Miss Chickasha

Miss Silver Pistol





Kings Pistol


Pistol Lady 2 Be




Miss Bailey 24




Well it's safe to say that Ruger has bedome a permanent fixture here at Two Rivers Ranch! "Ruger" is definitely adding the versatility to our program that we were looking for in a new sire. His flawless pedigree was just the beginning, sired by Sweet Lil Pepto and out of the great Miss Silver Pistol. His is proving to be a successful cutting horse sire with offspring earnings of over $30,000. Don't be afraid to take these babies to the cutting pen! But what we are most excited about is the abilty and willingness these colts are showing on the ranch. These are horses that are a pleasure to ride all day and will get the job done for you, branding calves, sorting and moving cows, doctoring, just whatever the job. And just as importantly they have the bone and feet to stay sound.

  Caught Me Kissin 2005 Sorrel AQHA Stallion
  Owned by Ross Beierbach  
    Smart Little Lena
  Smart Little Baggins  
    Missy Bar Freckles
Caught Me Lookin    
    Docs San Badger
  Rocksan Rolls  
    Miss Rock San
    Clarks Doc Bar
  Docs Birthday  
    Vida Jeep
Watch For Jodie    
    Watch Joe Jack
  Watch Jodie  
    Jodys Jodie




As expected, Caught Me Kissin turned out to be a great cross on our race bred mares. His foals are as pwerful, athletic and fancy as he is hiself. With the great cow horse pedigrees and the speed combined, these foals will make someone very, very happy!